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About Peerby

Peerby is a small company with ambitious goals. We believe in the we instead of the I.

We try to establish an alternative for our consumption driven throw away culture, by connecting people with each other and encouraging collaborative consumption. By connecting people and their items with each other, we do something good for you, your wallet and the environment.


More than 20% of all CO2-emissions stem from durable consumer goods. Most of these goods are only used during less than 10% of their life-time. (Did you for example know that a drill is only used for 13 minutes throughout its entire lifespan?) Peerby aims to reduce part of these CO2-emissions, by making it easier and more fun to share instead of buy.

By sharing items through Peerby you will reduce the environmental impact of consumption and at the same time save money. Furthermore, you will meet awesome people and get access to a lot of great items without owning them. Thus, together we have more!

Impact producing a vacuum cleaner; data from Exept

Privacy and terms of use

With Peerby you can borrow items from your neighbors. In order to join our Peerby community, we just need your name, email address and postcode.

How Peerby exactly works is explained in the privacy declaration.

Do you have any questions on how to use either the Peerby app or website, check the FAQ!

Do you have any questions about press, publications or anything else, mail us at press@peerby.com.