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About Peerby

Peerby is a small company with ambitious goals. We believe in the "we" instead of the "I" We try to establish an alternative for our consum driven throw away culture, by connecting people with each other and encouraging collaborative consumption. By connecting people and their items with each other, we do something good for you, your wallet and the environment.

Privacy and terms of use

With Peerby you can borrow items from your neighbors. In order to join our Peerby community, we just need your name, email address and postcode. How Peerby exactly works is explained in the privacy declaration.

Do you have any questions on how to use either the Peerby app or website, check the FAQ!

Do you have any questions about press, publications or anything else, mail us at press@peerby.com.



Is the number one accelerator in the US. Peerby was selected out of 1300+ applications and took part in the first TechStars London program

Green Challenge

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is a worldwide competition for people with sustainable & innovative ideas. Peerby won their $125,000 prize in 2012.

Join Our Core

Prizes included a trip to the B & J's HQ and ice cream factory HQ in Vermont their business featured on a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream to be launched in 2014!


Supports Peerby with their extended knowledge & international network in social enterprises.


Venture and media partner of Peerby. Sanoma helps Peerby grow!

Mobile Analytics

Mixpanel helps Peerby to measure what it could still improve


Fest supports Peerby with the international ambassadors program.


We use this online monitoring and webcare tool with pleasure. In cooperation with OBI4Wan we are investigating what an OBI4Wan startup kit would look like.