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The one and only peerby rule

To ensure that peerby works as good as possible and is a nice experience for all our members, there is only one simple rule:

peerby is for borrowing and lending stuff!

Yes, that’s right, peerby is only for borrowing and lending stuff and that’s why the app and website are not meant for:

  • Giving away stuff
  • Selling or renting out stuff
  • Offering your skills, or looking for somebody else's skill or knowledge, check out our super nice colleagues of Konnektid.
  • Offering your, or asking for services. We kindly advise you to go to Croqqer.
  • Offering your things by filling out the ‘request form’ and sending it out to your neighbors. peerby works request based. You can only create requests for things you need yourself.
  • Sending out ‘test-requests’ peerby really works people! So even these will really be send out to your neighbors.
  • Borrowing apartments, cottages or bungalows. Maybe you can try Airbnb.com
  • Borrowing money. Got an awesome project that you would like to get funded? Try Kickstarter.com instead!
  • Inappropriate (sexual) requests and/or borrowing a person (either male of female). For these kinds of requests we kindly advise you to look for a datingsite, like match.com